All of the Seacrest Wireless networks are monitored and logged.

All devices connecting to any of the Seacrest WiFi networks are scanned for infection.


There is a robust internet filtration system in place preventing access to non-educational websites.


Access to the BYOD networks is granted by your network credentials (See Password Policy for details).


If you encounter a website that is blocked, and feel that it should not be, place a FreshDesk ticket with the URL of the site and your need for access.

Devices found to be deliberately subverting internet filtration will be immediately added to the network Block List.

Devices found to be broadcasting malicious code will be automatically added to the Block List.

Devices found to be infected with malware/viruses will be automatically added to the Block List.

To be removed from the Block List, place a ticket on FreshDesk and the matter will be handled personally.

If a student has determined that their device has been blocked, they must go through their advisor to remedy the matter.


If you encounter a website that you feel is objectionable, please place a FreshDesk ticket and the issue will be addressed.



This network is dedicated to managed devices such as iPads and MacBooks.  It is only accessible with administrator credentials.


The BYOD-Staff network is dedicated to Faculty & Staff members that wish to connect to WiFi on campus. All devices that attempt to connect must adhere to the WPA2 Enterprise level of security authentication.  Nearly all devices support this, however there are some Android devices that will not be able to connect to this network.

This network is logged; all websites visited are logged and in the permanent record.

If you determine that there is an educationally sound website that is being filtered (blocked) please place a FreshDesk ticket with the URL and reason for your need to visit it.


Similarly to the Staff network, this is dedicated for students.  Unlike the Staff network, the Student network is limited in how it can navigate data on the network.  It is also highly filtered for objectionable content.


The Guest network is available to parents and vendors for limited internet access.  There is no network connectivity - internet only.  The password is provided at the front desk for those wishing to utilize this service.