There are several ways to familiarize yourself with the GoTo communications platform. Please select the links shared below for the process that best suits you:

Choose “GoTo Connect” on the left side and you will see options for Live Trainings, Recorded Trainings, and Self Paced.

For specific phone instructions, you must first determine if you have either the T33 or T54 YeaLink phone model.  To do so, select Menu>Status>More>Phone. 

If you have the T33G YeaLink model click here.

If you have the T54W YeaLink model click here.

For a series of YouTube videos for the T54W, click here.

Various guided videos:

For information on Apps and Integrations, click here.

YouTube Playlist

If you would like me to help you with any questions or concerns, please place a FreshDesk ticket.