Faculty that have been here for some time used to store all of their data to their Network (O or T) Drive. These were sunsetted a few years ago, but still live on for those that had them.  With the arrival of MacBooks, these Drives no longer automatically populate like they would in Windows.  That said you still can get to them with a few actions on your part.

Note - this only works while connected

1. Open Finder.  Now click on Go on the Menu Bar at the top of your screen.

2. Scroll down and click on Connect to Server.

3. Enter the following IP Address into the newly viewable window:  Click Connect.

4. A window will open asking for your credentials for the server.  This is the username and password you would use to sign in to your former Windows laptops (first initial last name e.g. jsmith).  If you have changed your Google password, the server password does not reflect that change - it remains the same as it always was - if you've forgotten it, place a Freshdesk ticket.

5. Click Connect, you will now be asked to enter your laptop credentials.  This is your first initial.lastname so j.smith as an example and the Mac password.

6.  A window will open showing the folders you have access to.  Here you can find your account in either FacultyData or Administration that contains your information saved over the years such as your Scanning folder and other data.