Have you discovered that when you print to one of the Konica network printers (or others), that it always comes out printed double-sided?  By default there is no option to change this unfortunately. 

That said, there are a couple of ways to defeat this very annoying "feature".

Disable 2-Sided printing (per printer)

For an instructional video, please click here.

Open a browser and type localhost:631 then press return.

This page will open:

Click on the Printers Tab, then copy cupsctl WebInterface=yes (do not copy the quotes from the page.

Now, open Terminal. Press Command and Spacebar at the same time to open Spotlight Search.  Type in Terminal and press Return.  Paste the code (Command+P) at the cursor and press Return.  

Now close Terminal and refresh your browser page where you copied the "cupscrtl WebInterface=yes" code.

You will now see this page with a list of your installed printers:

Now select your printer of choice, and from the drop down menu button that says Administration, select Set Default Options.

Now select the Finishing Options tab.

Now, change the Print Type to 1-Sided:

Now, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on Default Options.

You will be greeted with a Log-In window.  Enter the Local User Account for your Mac.  It's your first initial last name (e.g. j.smith) and the password you use to sign in to your Mac.  This may vary per user. For password, If you are a new employee, it will be the password issued to you by IT.  If you are a returning employee it will be the one you have used to sign in to WIndows computers.

Once you've entered your credentials, you'll be given a success page, then it will change to the printer's current status.

You've now disabled 2-sided printing.

For an alternative (so you don't have to go back through the above process and want to keep 2-Sided printing as an option), Please see this video provided by our colleague, Selva Kumar.

This one is a little more involved as there are variances per app you print from.  That said once you create the "preset" it is always there for you to toggle.

If you need any help or have questions, please place a ticket on FreshDesk!