Before we start - make sure you are connected to either (if Faculty/Staff) SeacrestInternal or BYOD-Staff.  Students should always be on BYOD-Student.  

Following, is a list of network printers available to you on Windows:

    - STEAM Center - 1st Floor:

    - STEAM Center - 2nd Floor:

    - Mailroom:

    - Middle School - Room 502:

    - Teacher Workroom:

    - Teacher Workroom - Color:

    - US Commons:

    - US Science Center - Prep 2-205:

Click on the Start icon in the lower left hand corner of your screen

Type Control Panel

Select Devices and Printers

Select Add a printer

Select The printer I want isn’t listed

Click Next

Click the button for Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or Hostname.

Type the desired IP address of the printer of choice from the list above, then click Next.

Windows should find the driver automatically.  If not, you may need to download the driver (for that specific model printer) from the manufacturers website - click the Windows Update button, but be warned - it will take several minutes..

Once it finds the driver, type in the Printer name: (this can be whatever you want to call it), then click Next.

In the Printer Sharing window, select Do not share this printer, then click Next.

IF, you want this printer to be default, you can choose the Set as the default printer box.  It's good idea to Print a test page, to confirm that it works, then click the Finish button.

The printer should now show in Devices and Printers, and be selectable when printing from within documents, etc.