Note - You are by no means expected to install any school-related apps/materials on your personal device.

There are a few apps that make your mobile experience with Google Workspace much smoother than going through your browser.  Following is a list of them:

The Gmail App.  Unless you are beholden to using a mail app to which you are accustomed, this is a fast user-friendly way to manage your email.

Google Drive.  Access all of your files wherever you are.

Google Docs/Sheets/Slides - Instant Cloud saves for all of your Word/Excel/Power Point alternatives.  

Google Meet.  Default Remote Learning app.

Hangouts Chat.  Any DMs (Direct Messages) sent to you will be accessible on the go as well as any chats you are conducting with a group to which you are subscribed.

Google Calendar.  If you like to separate your personal life from your professional one, it's advised to use this as a way to make that distinction.

Google Keep.  This is the mobile version of Gmail's native note-taking app.  This is great for checking on to do lists that you may have created for yourself.