With the adoption of Google Workspace, the necessity to remotely access the school network from home has been largely eliminated. However, many of our faculty and staff still utilize their O, T or other Network Drives, or need access to specialized departmental folders and applications which are not accessible through G Suite via their office computer.  In this instance you will need to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) access to enter the network.

A VPN, once connected, puts your device on the school network, with access to anything you would access while on campus.  Network Drives, or your Windows computers if you install Remote Desktop (instructions for that at the bottom of this page).

An additional caveat is that with a VPN, you can safely browse the internet because you will be behind the school firewall.

To get started, please issue a Freshdesk ticket with your request.  Access credentials are emailed to you once IT creates your VPN account.  Once that is done, an additional email will be issued with the school's IP address, and the Shared Secret needed when you follow these instructions

All Operating Systems are supported.

Connect your VPN and you now have access to any shared network locations to which you've been given permission.

Be sure to Disconnect your VPN when you are done.

Okay - now that my VPN is set up - how do I access school network resources with my VPN?

On your Mac - Connect to the VPN.  During the above set up phase select the button to "show VPN status on Menu Bar".  You can easily rectify this by Opening Network from System Preferences, highlighting your VPN and selecting the tick box.

Click Finder, now click Go from the Menu Bar on the top of your screen.

Click Connect to Server.

Type in

Enter your network credentials. (if you changed your password in Google, you must use the original password issued to you by IT).

A list of folders will appear.  If you are Administrative personnel, elect Administration, if a teacher, select Facultydata. 

The folders to which you have permission will be available to you.

Access your office/classroom computer from home (school Windows computers only):

Before you start this process, while still on campus, click the Start button, then type CMD.  This will open a Command Prompt window. Here you will enter ipconfig. Note the IPv4 address.

After you have set up your VPN connection, you will need to open Remote Desktop on your Windows PC or install Microsoft Remote desktop on your Mac (go to the App store and install).  Mobile devices  are supported but quite difficult to use due to the small interface.  

Windows:  Connect to your VPN.  Open Remote Desktop, type in the Device Name (the IP Address you noted when you used CMD and ipconfig).  Click Connect.  Enter your username and password when prompted to do so, then click OK.

Mac:  Make sure you are connected to the VPN.  Open Microsoft Remote Desktop, then click the + button. Click Add PC.  Enter the Device Name (IP Address as noted above). Next to User Account click the down arrow, then Add Account - enter your username and password. Click Add.  Double click your newly created Remote Desktop connection and immediately access your school computer.

Once done you will be connected directly to your office/classroom PC.

Make sure you sign out of the remote session before closing your session.