Share your Google Calendar

- Open Google Calendar then click the settings button next to your calendar by hovering your cursor over your name in the MyCalendar list.

- Click the Settings and Sharing button.

- You have two options on how  you can do this:  Get a Shareable Link or Share with Specific People.

- To Get a Shareable Link, link simply scroll to that section and click  the button. Then click  Copy Link. Email or DM whom you want to view your calendar. Access level is determined by how your default set.  The organization default is Free/Busy.

- To Share with Specific People click the Add People button.  Type in the name of whom you want to provide access, determine what  level of access you  wish to grant; click Send.

Add a Room/Resource to your My Calendars 

- Open Google Calendar, then scroll down the navigation pane on the left and click the + to the right of Other Calendars.

- Click Browse resources.

- Select the appropriate section for the location of your room and click the down arrow to the right.

- Tick the checkbox to the right of your desired room which adds the room to your calendar list immediately.

- Rinse and repeat for each room you want to add to My Calendars.

- Now you can view all available rooms for booking.

Book a Room/Resource

-  Click Create.   Select Event, name the Event, add date and time, then add your guests. Click Add Rooms, Locations, or Conferencing.

-  Click Add Room.   Rooms are nested under the campus building names. Select your room. Click the back arrow after making your selection.   Add any details then click save.